About Jason

Hello!  I am currently working as a Program/Account manager for an IT Consulting firm in Washington, DC.  I live in Northern Virginia, but am originally from Portland, Oregon and still miss the West Coast.

I started my career as a technology instructor.  I taught Microsoft and Cisco classes and started my own training company, which I operated for about five years.  Loved every minute of it, but never got to the point where I could become a large business and step away from doing all things all the time.  So I closed the school down and took a job as an Active Directory Architect in Washington, DC.  That was in 2005.

Since then, I have done some very interesting projects and worked with interesting people.  in 2011 I moved away from the technical side of things and over to the dark side:  management. My goal is to someday be a CIO or similar position.  I anticipate getting there will be quite a journey.  This blog will help document that journey.


One thought on “About Jason

  1. The “how” of business and life is well documented because it lends itself to being studied and documented. The “why” is much more ephemeral in nature and thus more difficult to study and document. Any school or professor can teach the how. It sounds like you have found one of the few who can point you to the why. You’ve left the lemings, enjoy.

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