The New Hire

This is basically just a fun story.

I was tasked with hiring about 25 migration techs for our project. So we wrote a few questions for the recruiters to ask, then devised a short 10 minute interview over Skype for people who we liked their resumes and they answered 3 out of 5 recruiting questions correctly. I figured if someone couldn’t figure out Skype, then they weren’t for us. I had several of these interviews scheduled the day before Thanksgiving, so I actually gave an interview on the shuttle bus to the terminal (hired her) and one in the terminal waiting for my flight (didn’t make it.) By the way, my wife thought giving an interview over Skype on the shuttle bus was almost the coolest thing she had ever seen.

So we are boarding our flight and we run into three church missionaries, who we correctly figure are going home from their two year missions. So I ask them if any of them want a job and turns out one of them does. So we talk for a few minutes on the plane and I give him my info to send me a resume, which he does the next day. He passes his Skype interview, has some good computer experience, and he’s hired! He goes on our first engagement and does a great job and is in the top half of all the technicians hired.

Now I would have given anything to hear the conversation between him and his parents. “Oh, it’s great to be home! By the way, this guy on the airplane offered me a job back in DC.”

“Oh, what kind of job?”

“A Windows 7 job for a government client.”

“What company does this guy work for?”

“I don’t know.”

“What government agency will you be working with?”

“I don’t know.”

“How do you know this guy isn’t just a sick stalker who will cut you up into pieces?”

“Well, he seemed really nice.”

“Red flag, son. All stalkers and serial killers seem really nice!”

That last part was actually part of the conversation. I called his dad a couple days before he was to start back here in DC to introduce myself and answer some of his questions. His Dad actually told him I could be a serial killer. I told his Dad I wasn’t really that nice.

Now I didn’t just hire someone off the street, well, ok I did, but there was some thought process to it. Being a church missionary is tough. It’s very challenging and most missionaries that make it through the two years are very responsible, good people. They develop outstanding people skills (which we needed in the position) and are self-starters and get things done. They also follow rules and instructions (again, a big one). And they have outstanding character. So I knew if they had some computer skills, then they would be fine.

And I was right.

Good luck in your new IT career Nick.

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