Want to work for Acentia? Great opportunity!

My boss has sent over a second email looking for a technical project manager, so i know that A)  He really needs someone right away and B) We can’t find anyone in house.

Here’s the description of the job:

We’re looking for someone who has experience installing, managing and supporting COTS applications in a Microsoft Windows server and SQL Server database environment at an enterprise level.  We’re looking for someone who has a wide range of skills when working with these types of systems such as:

  • Windows Server/Active Directory
  • Remote access
  • IIS and Tomcat web servers
  • Java
  • SQL language
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • ODBC
  • SFTP, GPG and other encryption file transfer tools

The PM said he isn’t looking for an expert in these technologies, just enough to help support the existing installations.  He needs a good general “jack-of-all-trades” kind of person with some basic project management skills as well.  Which means someone who can put together a requirements document, create a test plan, and write a report.

The job will entail gathering specifications from vendors, putting them together with system requirements, requesting server builds from infrastructure, and then installing the application from the vendor.  All work will be done in a development environment, so large enterprise experience isn’t necessary.

The job is also a PM role and I know both the Program Manager of the client and the district manager.  Both are stand up guys and would support a promotion to a project manager or other leadership role.  This is a good job to transition into management if you are interested in that.  If not, and you just want the technical leadership, it’s still a good opportunity.

And how is it working for Acentia?  It’s good.  I just celebrated 3 years there.  I even got a nice framed certificate delivered to my doorstep today.  We believe in recognition and rewards and if you do a good job, you’ll get a nice bump every year.  I personally have gotten a raise every year and have been promoted since I started.  I’ve worked for three firms in the Washington, DC area since moving here 7 years ago.  Acentia is the best I’ve worked for.  So, if you aren’t happy with your current employer, reach out.  This could be a good opportunity for you.

Feel free to contact me directly and I can assist in getting you connected to the hiring people.

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