Update to 401(k) Issue

About two weeks ago I sent a letter to my senior management informing them of the issue and asking them to do something about it.  I sent the letter in an email from home late in the evening.  When I got in to the office the next day, I had a reply from our President saying he would look into it.  Then that morning I talked to my boss’s boss and she told me she had escallated it in her management meeting.  Turns out she was affected by this issue as well and had no idea that she had missed out on some of the available company match.  I also got a phone call from our VP of HR later that afternoon in which she said she had discussed this with our CEO and they had contacted the broker to explore options.  I also got an email from our CEO a few days later thanking me for my letter and reiterating that they were looking into the plan design.

Since then I haven’t heard anything.  Well, actually on Friday we were all instructed to fill out job descriptions for our jobs, which were being compiled by a “Compensation Consultant”, which is code for “How can we reduce salaries or at least make sure we don’t give out any raises in the future.”  Sigh.  The modern workplace.

So anyway, I wait for a response about my 401(k) issue and cross my fingers that regardless of what happens there I don’t get my salary reduced in the future.